Other Helpful Links

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: What Interests You?
    Poke through this website and you will find information on many industries, including labor market activity, working conditions, price changes in the economy and other statistics.

  • Career Key
    Need a source for career testing to match your personality with a career? Career Key is the #1 Internet source for help in choosing a career, college major, training program, or career pathway.

  • CareerNET
    CareerNET® is one of the web’s most experienced and comprehensive Job Boards, with a network that connects over 25 million business professionals and organizations. This is an excellent resource for graduating high school students and returning college students.

  • Career One Stop
    This U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored Web site offers career resources and workforce information to job seekers, students, businesses and workforce professionals to foster talent development in a global economy.

  • Health Occupations Students of America
    This unique national student organization promotes health care career opportunities and aims to enhance the delivery of quality health care by leadership development, motivation and recognition exclusively for secondary, postsecondary, adult, and collegiate students.

  • Health Workforce Analysis Reports
    Explore this resource full of statistics from the National Center for Health Workforce Analysis, Bureau of Health Professionals.

  • My First Day!
    Here’s a website that provides an electronic clearinghouse of free or inexpensive health career promotional material. The site features six priority careers with information for students, career changers and career counselors.

  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences
    Click here for free science education for students and teachers. Find interactive games, helpful quizzes and fact sheets.

  • National Institutes of Health: Science Education
    This website offers resources to serve elementary, secondary, and college students and teachers and the public. Its goal is to attract young people into biomedical and behavioral science careers and improve science literacy in both adults and children.

  • OK Career Planner
    Learn about industries, occupations, salaries, shifting demand, job openings, Oklahoma opportunities, education and training, and much more. You can also explore career options and maximize your potential in Oklahoma with the right tools and resources.

  • Science NetLinks
    Let Science NetLinks be your guide to meaningful standards-based Internet experiences for students. Find a wealth of standards-aligned resources for K-12 science educators, including lesson plans, interactives and reviewed Internet resources

  • The Sloan Career Cornerstone Center
    This is an ever-expanding resource for anyone interested in exploring career opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, computing and health care. The site is targeted towards graduate students, high school students, parents, teachers and counselors.

  • TypeFocus Careers
    Use this tool to discover your personality type and what careers fit your natural strengths. TypeFocus Careers brings it all together in a program that helps high school and college/university students make good career choices.

  • U.S. Department of Labor
    From junior high to college and beyond, students and teachers can use this site to aid in their homework and course planning. Students can use our data in their career exploration and to help with their homework. Teachers can use our resources to enhance curriculums using real world examples such as the latest statistics on employment, prices, and wages.

  • Virtual Job Shadow

    This is a highly engaging career exploration tool for students and job seekers. 
Through online videos, provides a behind-the-scenes look at life on the job for nearly 100 different careers, and our library continues to grow. It also offers indirect correspondence between professionals in various careers and students/job seekers, an integrated School Search for finding institutions with relevant programs of study, and a fillable PDF student workbook and teacher's guide.

Just For Kids

  • BAM! Body and Mind
    Your body's immune system is like having your very own superhero team. Here, this system is transformed into the Immune Platoon, a team of super-powered white blood cells dedicated to protecting your body from infections and other diseases that threaten your body's good health.

  • BlueKids.Org
    If your focus is to bring meaningful health education to life for children in a way that is both engaging and lasting, then this K-8 health education program is a perfect fit! Its unique, interactive games cover a variety of health-related topics.

  • Habits of the Heart Explore
    Check out the resources for students and teachers interested in learning about the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. This site contains movies of the heart in action, online and at-home activities, links to other sites about the heart and lungs, and much more!

  • Medical Mysteries
    Interact and learn about healthcare through an adventure game that allows students to solve medical mysteries and medical mysteries in infectious diseases.

  • Grossology
    Ever wonder why people get smelly feet? Or what's that gunk that collects in your eyes while you sleep? The answers to those questions and just about anything you probably think is really disgusting can be found in Grossology. It’s described as “the science of really gross things.'' This is source for everything gross, including gross recipes for the lab, research resources, and a Gross 101 test.

  • Tissues of Life Meet
    Learn about the four types of tissues that make up the human body. Play Tissues Invaders or one of our other games and test your knowledge of viruses, bacteria, and how your body works to defend itself! 

  • Yucky Discoveries
    Discover what makes the human body work.