Useful Tips

When considering a career in health care:

  • Competition for enrollment in some health care programs can be tough. Be sure to apply early, know the deadlines and meet them.

  • Choose at least three programs that you are interested in and willing to
    pursue. Apply for all of them with equal care and thoroughness.

  • For programs that require college work - such as physician, registered
    nurse, physical therapy, etc. - grades are important in getting accepted.

  • In programs that require clinical practice, check on the number and locations
    of openings for clinical study. These programs may limit enrollment, and you
    may have to go to a different school in order to reach your goal.

  • Be sure the program you choose qualifies you for registration, certification or
    licensure, if required, and that the school is recognized by the appropriate
    accrediting agency.

  • Don’t limit yourself to preparing for only one career, especially for programs
    with limited enrollment, such as medical school. Acceptance requirements are
    high and competition is tough. Consider an education that will allow you to
    work in another related field.

  • Know the job outlook before you pursue any career. If you want to live in a
    certain area, find out about the job market there. As the information below
    shows, job opportunities in health care are good.